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No Devlog This Week

Hello. I’m sorry to announce that no progress has been made on Dog Eat Dog this week. Due to a number of real life responsibilities getting in the way, there wasn’t any time for programming. We’ll be back again next week with progress of all kinds. In the mean time, thank you for your patience.

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Deep Madness Dev Log -- Week 5: A New Beginning

I’ll be honest. This past week was a fairly uneventful one. There aren’t many exciting new features to look at. That’s partially due to Thanksgiving, and partially due to some changes that are taking place regarding development. But I’ll explain afterwards. First I’ll show you what we’ve got for this week. The first major addition to this week’s build of the game is graphical. As you can see above, the player has been replaced by a sprite.

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Deep Madness Dev Log -- Week 4: Screen Sliding and Graphics

Hello and welcome to week 4 of Deep Madness development logs. This week, I kept working on the tile system. For the most part, that means I don’t have a lot of visually appealing things to show off for you, but I did make one small change which made the whole game look nicer. I replaced the squares with actual textures. On the technical side of things, I had to spend a fair amount of time working on the bitmap rendering code.

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Deep Madness Dev Log -- Week 3: Basically the Beginning

You might be wondering why this is the first dev log even though it’s week 3 of development. Well, we here at Stealth Elephants have never made a game like this before, so we didn’t think to write a dev log until this past week. In any case, let’s just get right into it. Deep Madness is being made without any libraries or engines, so these first few weeks were spent doing exciting things like making a window and getting input from the user.

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